I may have hit a great sewing milestone: I finally seem to be sewing what I actually wear instead of vintage inspired full party dresses that would gather dust in my closet. Since quitting teaching to stay at home with the kids and work when I can, my go-to wardrobe is leggings and tunics. This pairing is comfortable, easy and hides my trouble areas relatively well.

I wanted to make Victory Pattern’s Lola as soon as I laid eyes on it. Comfortable + stylish = win.

I had a lot of trouble finding a sturdy knit fabric that I liked. In the end I went with this sweatshirt fleece from It’s not my ideal choice but once it was put together I quite like it!

My Lola tunic!

I thought the contrasting black side pieces would make a nice flattering silhouette. If I make another I would love to use some interlock or french terry with a nice print if I can locate one.

Once I had attached the bodice to the lower portion I slipped it on. The back was strangely bulky at the middle so I kind of eyeballed some adjustments and thankfully it worked out.


The only other issue I had was with the bands and cuffs. I didn’t have any ribbing that matched so I just used some of the black main fabric which wasn’t quite stretchy enough. I had to cut a larger hem band and I probably should have done the same for the neckband because there’s a bit of weird puckering there. I may give it another pass under a hot iron.

Overall, once the many pieces were cut it was pretty straightforward to put together. I can see it getting a lot of wear!


Miss Dandelion Doe

I took a communications course in university and I remember the professor asking: when you walk into Urban Outfitters don’t you just get a feeling like they have accessed your inner most early-twenty-year-old desires? I did! I needed that recycled sari quilt and t-shirt that declared my Irishessnes! That’s how I now feel about Alicia Paulson. I want to pin a million pictures of her house, hand them over to a decorator and tell him to copy everything exactly in my home. I want her to sew and knit two of everything that she makes for her little girl so that Kate can have one too. She taps into the Laura Ingalls Wilder in Sweden part of my brain and it makes me very happy. Fan letter over.

I loved her little softie kits as soon as she launched them. I let Kate pick one out months ago and finally started one for her for Christmas a few weeks ago.

Miss Dandelion Doe

This is Miss Dandelion Doe and she is too freaking adorable.

Miss Dandelion Doe

She is just hanging out in nature all rustic-like.

Miss Dandelion Doe

She already has a cuter wardrobe than I do but I’m already eyeing this kit to make her even more tiny pieces.

Miss Dandelion Doe - Practice Dress

I followed Alicia’s advice and made a practice dress out of some scraps of my one of my all-time favourite fabrics; Lucien’s My Folklore so as to not ruin the beautiful Liberty fabric that came in the kit. This first attempt took me a few hours but the second go round was much quicker.

She is just too much. I hope Kate loves her as much as I do.