Earthen + Rikke

Chris really loved the orange Berroco Ultra Alpaca that I used for the kid’s Foxy hats so I ordered some more and made him an Earthen for Christmas.


The stitch pattern would probably look nicer in a more semi-solid yarn but it’s a warm and cozy hat which is important when your ears are cold even on mild Spring days.


When I went to Edmonton to visit Erin I wanted something portable and straightforward to knit on my trip so I jumped on the Rikke bandwagon.

Rikke hat

The yarn is some beautiful Madeline Tosh Vintage in Ink leftover from this sweater.

Rikke hat

I was thinking of putting it aside for last-minute gifting needs but I don’t own any other slouchy hats and it turns out they’re really fun to wear!


Little Sweater for Theda

My dearest friend Erin had her first baby in September and I finally got to visit them in Edmonton this past weekend. We had a great time baby cuddling, shopping, eating treats and playing a ton of board games. Not much has changed in the last twenty-three years of our relationship.

I had to squeeze in some knitting for baby Theda and I finished this little striped sweater with a couple of days to spare.

Cardigan for Theda

The pattern is from this book which I find really handy because I always have lots of Cascade 220 laying around from stocking making. I made the twelve month size so that she could hopefully wear it all next winter. She’s too tiny for it now so no modelled pics yet. I did get a photo of her in this cute little hat from the same book that I sent Erin before Theda was born.

Theda in the wee hat I made before she was born.

Cutest. I miss them already.

Il Grande Flufforito

I haven’t knit myself a sweater in THREE YEARS! I guess I was frustrated by how little I wear the many sweaters I’ve made in the past. They were often too warm or too snug or not suited to what I actually wear day to day. I have a feel that this time it will be different!

Il Grande Favorito!

I’ve managed to wear this all day without getting annoyed with it and it is so cozy and soft!

Pattern: Il Grande Favorito by Isabell Kraemer

Yarn: Drops Alpaca in colour 9020 held double


I did the garter stitch front that someone on Ravelry subbed and my only regret is that I didn’t think about the jog that was created from beginning in the round in the middle of the front. Aw well. I also added some length but it was still quite short when I bound off but it happily grew a lot with blocking.

I will be warm this winter!


Three more stockings this year! My BFF Erin requested one for her new baby Theda and she is a very deserving and appreciate receiver of handmade gifts so I thought it would be great to make her one too.

Erin's Stocking

She is a big squirrel fan. Squirrel chart here.

Theda's Stocking

My brother is living in China right now and I thought he could use some homey decor. It was bright the afternoon I took these photos and my colour is a little off, especially here.

John Paul's Stocking

These have all been received and I hope they are loved. There are lots of rough notes on these over on Ravelry. You can also see there versions I’ve made in previous years over there.

I’m also thinking of offering these in the shop for next year. Honk if you’re interested.


Every year I plan on making an advent calendar but every year I get overwhelmed making gifts and it gets pushed to the back burner. This year I finished knitting three stockings (more on that later) earlier than I expected and I decided to jump in with both feet. I had two weeks and determination.

Smitten Advent Calendar

I LOVE this kit but lack the funds this time of year and somehow sewing all those little ornaments seemed like more work that knitting twenty-four tiny mittens.

Smitten Advent Calendar

The pattern is the Smitten Advent Calendar. I started the first little mitten during a craft sale and it seemed to take forever to finish and I thought the entire project was doomed but once I got in a groove I was able to complete one or two a day.

Smitten Advent Calendar

The yarn is odds and ends of Cascade 220 and Berroco Ultra Alpaca. The adorable little wooden numbers just arrived today from this German Etsy shop.

Smitten Advent Calendar

I’m trying to be cautious of overtasking myself in the lead up to Christmas. Making and buying gifts, preparing food and going to parades and craft shows is enough on my plate without putting elves into mischievous positions or designing a family activity every single day. So, some days we do manageable activities like playing Zingo together and other days the kids find a small chocolate or temporary tattoo. They are big fans. Now all we need is a mantle to hang it on.