Hi! I’m Amy and I like to make things. I live in the Canadian prairies with my husband and two little ones Kate and Jules.


I learned to knit and sew when I was a kid but it became an obsession in 2004 when I bought a learn to knit book and got a Kenmore sewing machine for Christmas. Before my daughter arrived in 2010 I sewed a lot of clothing, poorly, for myself but with her birth I fell down the tunnel of adorable girl’s clothing patterns.



My son Jules came along in 2012 and gets the odd garment made especially for him.



I still knit and sew occasionally for myself when I can be bothered to wrap my head around sewing for a non-rectangular shape.



This year I also started selling some handmade items at our local farmer’s market and on Etsy and it’s been a great diversion from the challenges of staying home full time with two small children.

blue meadow-2




I also love to bake and eat sweets and if the kitchen is quiet I like to cook and try new recipes. I love me some embroidery too but I rarely make time for it. This summer I bought a Silhouette machine and I’ve been having fun making t-shirts and the like with it.



Thanks for stopping by! I love comments and I’d love to see what everyone else is working on so drop me a line!


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