Little Sweater for Theda

My dearest friend Erin had her first baby in September and I finally got to visit them in Edmonton this past weekend. We had a great time baby cuddling, shopping, eating treats and playing a ton of board games. Not much has changed in the last twenty-three years of our relationship.

I had to squeeze in some knitting for baby Theda and I finished this little striped sweater with a couple of days to spare.

Cardigan for Theda

The pattern is from this book which I find really handy because I always have lots of Cascade 220 laying around from stocking making. I made the twelve month size so that she could hopefully wear it all next winter. She’s too tiny for it now so no modelled pics yet. I did get a photo of her in this cute little hat from the same book that I sent Erin before Theda was born.

Theda in the wee hat I made before she was born.

Cutest. I miss them already.


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