Finnish Gingerbread

This is going to be the only gingerbread recipe I ever make from now on. My whole house smells like orange, allspice and ginger. And they are so delicious.

These cookies made my entire house smell amazing both at the prep and baking stages and they are delicious.

Santaish gingerbread

They are definitely going to be my go-to gingerbread cookies from now on. I used the brown sugar because I like a chewier cookie and I rolled them out between waxed paper so that they wouldn’t get too heavy with added flour. They are incredibly light. When I make them again I need to remember to separate and flatten the dough disks more before refrigerating because rolling them out was an ordeal.

I decorated them with this super easy royal icing recipe but used orange juice in place of water. Orange zest and flavour is very important to me in a gingerbread cookie. These ones were the kid’s special cookies to decorate with icing tubes and tons of sprinkles and coloured sugar. More is more with those two.


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